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 Basic guidelines for applies

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PostSubject: Basic guidelines for applies   Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:16 pm

Like the name implies, these are just a few basic things I find should be on your apply. I don't want you to copy/paste them, as I like the applies written freely.
But if possible, answer these questions in your apply:

1) Your experince in Cs2d [since when u started to play Cs2d , previous clan(optional)]

2) In-game name.

3) How active you can/will be.

4) Have you had any prior experience as a member/elite/moderator in other clan?

5) Why exactly do you want to be a one of our clan?

6) *OPTIONAL* Something about yourself you think we should/could know.

NB! Do not send owners your applies via Personal Message. if you can't post in this section this probably means I'm currently not accepting any new applies.

Also I urge you to write your applies in English.

When I think of anything else useful/someone else tells me (don't be shy to PM your ideas) I will add it to the list.
For now, that's it.
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PostSubject: Re: Basic guidelines for applies   Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:20 pm

Alternative Form:
*IGN(In-game name):
*U.S.G.N I.D:
Experience in CS2D:
Estimated active time:
Previous clan(s):
Position in clan(s):
*Reason for joining this clan:
Who recommend this clan:
Additional Info:

WARNING:Use English ONLY,if you don't know English.Use the Google Translator!
Note:Add my U.S.G.N 37915 for easier communication.
* are required to be filled in.
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Basic guidelines for applies
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